About the Site

What is Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME)/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Before I go into the reasons behind making this blog I wanted to go into a little bit about the illness itself for those who perhaps aren’t aware.

But then I thought… why write all that down when I can just send you to the ME association website (once you’ve read it you’ll agree I have a great excuse to be lazy).


Why I started the blog

The reason’s I wanted to start this blog have come mainly from finally getting fed-up with having no daily purpose or anything to work towards. Ironically I spent all my life before the illness complaining about work and wishing I could just sleep all day! Well I got my wish, and it’s not what I ordered!

Aside from that, I just really wanted an outlet, somewhere I could write down how I was feeling and how this has actually affected me. If your a fellow chronic illness sufferer then you will understand how damn tiring it is to try and get healthy friends and relatives to understand. The truth is the only way they ever will is if they get ill themselves which is definitely not what we want to happen!

The third reason came from the realisation that other people are dealing with many of the same things and maybe something I write might strike a cord with them. This site is not a go-to recovery guide (obvs as I’m not recovered yet) but I still have many experiences of things that have been both negative and beneficial for my recovery journey and maybe some of those will be helpful to you.

I have gone through phases where I have been so chronically tired that I couldn’t properly use a knife and fork, couldn’t walk up and down stairs without having to stop many times, couldn’t shower and wash my own hair. I have been through other times when I’ve just felt so damn ill I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. Actually to be honest I’ve done that many times as well.

But I’ve been through up phases where I’ve been able to have fairly ‘normal’ days. Normal for CFS that is. I know I can have those days, so I know I need to work out what causes the good and what causes the bad.

This brings me to where I am today. I’m embarking on a new treatment programme called the ANS Rewire after reading a book called CFS Unravelled by Dan Neuffer. I really recommend his website by the way, lots of of good positive stories and materials on there!

I’m hopeful that this programme, along with a greater understanding of the illness itself are going to be key to my recovery, so I’m going to keep a blog of how its going for me. I’m also going to write about some of the things which have been positive for me and some of the things I’ve found the hardest. I really hope you will be able to relate to my story and please get in touch if you are going through something similar!

Lots of love x

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